Every child deserves a BRIGHTER FUTURE

Our Story

We are David and Stephy, full time volunteers in Mexico. We both come from families with long histories of humanitarian service on an international scale. When we met we knew from the start that we shared a passion and calling to serve God by directly assisting vulnerable, unserved and sometimes invisible populations. Together with our 3 boys we are on an adventure to help those we can to the best of our abilities. 


For the last 10 years we have done volunteer work together in:  

  • Orphanages
  • Laughter therapy in Hospitals
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Juvenile centers
  • Prisons
  • Food banks

We are deeply committed to the Christian values we’ve had since childhood, however, we have felt it best to allow our humanitarian work to be free from particular denominations or other labels - our guiding principle is sharing Gods Love where it's needed most.

For the present we feel it's important for us to operate freely, learning how to get the most aid directly to the most vulnerable children and families with the least distraction and the least administrative costs for this reason we are not presently a registered non-profit organization.


David: I was born in Argentina, and raised through South America and Europe. I was born to a missionary family and have been involved in volunteer work my whole life. In 2001 I came to Mexico and have been serving here since. Learning about God at a young age impacted me and made me into the person I am today. Helping children and teaching them values is my life’s passion and I do my best to teach this to my children. 

Our work relies 100% on donations. Thank you for helping us create a Brighter Future 


Stephanie: I was born abroad and grew up in Texas, raised in a missionary household. I arrived to Mexico in 2004 and have been volunteering here since. Growing up I had so many learning opportunities and so many wonderful mentors, I feel compelled to give back. I believe that a child given the right opportunity can change the world so I do my best to nuture the potential of evey child we work with.